Tuesday, June 10, 2008

catching up

I can't quite believe I haven't posted on here for this long. I guess life takes over sometimes! Things are good. George and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary back on May 26th. We had our weekend away and did we ever have fun. We stayed at home and drank some really good wine on Friday night and watched movies then we headed down to Columbus to Easton Mall on Saturday morning. We got sidetracked in Apple Valley....there were having garage sales! But George had never been down to Easton and he just loved it. It's like you're walking around in London. Well maybe London is a stretch but I just love the way the shops line the streets. The fountains are so neat too. We had a blast and re-connected once again.

I'll have to update later because I'm at work...


Tina said...

Awwww, Happy Anniversary to you and George!
Sounds like you took time to celebrate and enjoy eachother. You know, I've never been to Easton and really spent any time?! I've buzzed there to eat and was there for a gift show and ran quickly into one store. I need to plan a time to do that myself.
Have a great day