Friday, May 9, 2008

Rainy Days

Rain rain come and stay please don't try to hurry away! I love the sun but I definitely love a good couple days of rain. My lawn is electric green and my hostas are getting full to bursting. The weeds are full to bursting too but that's another story. For now they blend in. Everyone seems to complain about the rain but I love it. For me it means a couple of things.

One: I can enjoy my house....sometimes I just sit and stare at my house. I love it and everything that's in it. Do you really enjoy your house? Take the time to sit and stare at all you've collected and loved over the years? If not---then it's time. Too often we just race through our day and make our homes a place to just plop all our junk and pass out. Maybe I appreciate mine more right now because we didn't have it for so long due to the fire. But we still need to take the time to create a haven for ourselves and actually enjoy what's in it.

Two: Rain outside means I can take a day for reading! There's no better excuse than rain to delve into that book that's been boring a hole into me. Yes my books speak to me....they tell me to read read read! Rain means curling up on my couch with a big cup of coffee and wrapping my mind around the story. I couldn't stop reading my last book "The Other Boleyn Girl" it just consumed me. Now I'm depressed that I'm done with it---but don't worry. The same author has books set before and after the tale I just finished....nice.

Three: Don't worry...I do all my work before I read. The washer & dryer are usually humming away. The dishwasher is making noise too. And I could never sit down to read unless my bed is made. It's a rule I have. My house is not clean until my bed is made. There are no perfect corners on the bed but it's made and folded back---so I can appreciate my orange & white Ikea pillow cases! Now how is that for house appreciation?

Happy rainy day!


Tina said...

Oh my dear, you and I are of one heart on making the home a haven. Even if it's just an apartment (supposed to be temporary) , but here I am nearly 1 year later.
You made me almost (I said almost) appreciate a rainy day as I read your post.
have a great weekend