Thursday, February 28, 2008

finally some pics

Finally got some pics to post! It's been a long road but we feel like we never left home. It's def different, but all in a good way. We love it and seriously.........how did I live without a dishwasher before? Honestly.....

I just had to put a picture of my new Rachel Ray stainless steel pans.....best purchase I made!
My huge clock from Ikea!

This is looking at the living room from the steps. Not very well lit!
This bookcase used to be in the bedroom, but we moved it to the kitchen. It now houses my favorite books, and all my cookbooks, and decorating books. I probably got rid of half my books and it still looks full.
I love my vanity dresser...

This is my new fave place to be.....I never had a bed so comfortable. Although when we were putting this and all the other beds together we were saying, "Dang those swedish!" In other words it was a lot of beds to put together with alot of little pieces that we'd never seen before! All worth it though!My pumpkin butter-colored bathroom, Ikea mirror, and vanity that used to be my work table! We're not quite finished with it yet.

Hunter's bachelor pad!
Selena's side.....

Belle's side.....can you tell who is messier? :)


Tammy Lynn said...

Missy, It looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person! We have been housebound for about the last two weeks with sickness, so as soon as we are all good and healthy, I'll make a trip to Berlin and you can show me your new pad! :)

Tina said...

You are a color diva!
I have to come and see it in person sometime.
You all did a wonderful job. It's inspiring.

Tina said...

by the way, I just posted an art project on my decorating blog that could fit right in for you. Check it out. I know you could do wonderful things with the technique.
www.surroundingsdesign-tina.blogspot.com OR go to The Artful Life and click on the link at the right.