Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Odds & Ends

We had a super Thanksgiving last week---ate entirely too much! The kids have been at home since last Wednesday. They had off Wed thru Mon. I took them out to eat and see a movie last Wednesday which was fun. We haven't done a whole lot of that since the fire. It was nice to get out and about. They head back to school today, except for Selena who is down with a nasty cold. Poor thing, she couldn't even sleep last night because of her runny nose. She's been downing aspirin and echinacea, but when I get off work this morning I'm going to see what else I can give her.

I'm at work this morning, and it's definitely slowing down. I only had four rooms rented last night, with two to check out this morning. They all checked out before 7:00am! Starting in December I don't have to come in at 5:45am anymore---I can come in at 6:45! That hour will definitely be nice.

The drywall is totally done in the kitchen, and the electric is in...and I'm getting antsy to get home. 28 days to go!