Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

Okay.....I'm officially counting down to Christmas and staying in my house. I'm doing this at my own expense because if we DON'T stay there for Christmas I'll be disappointed! It's okay though. They are officially putting in my windows as we speak, this very moment. My kitchen cabinets are in! My countertops are in! And my walls are done except for a few patches. I have officially chosen "Mark Twain House Gray Brick" for my kitchen walls. It's a very funky green so I'm not sure why it's called gray. I love it....and we're thinking about a black ceiling! Still deciding on that one. It all seems to be coming together. The floor joists that were burned through in Hunter's room are done, and the subfloor is going in tonight. My kitchen ceiling should be finished tonight too.
I normally don't like to put Christmas pics on until Thanksgiving is over.....but I'm in the mood since I can't decorate my house for Christmas.
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....


Tina said...

sounds like things are moving along
Praise God!