Monday, August 11, 2014

Success/Failure: Summer 2014

Though not yet published in print or on the website for The Bargain Hunter, here is my newest column. Some successes and some failures - yes, we all have failures and should voice them so we do BETTER. Let's be honest here.

Successes and Failures: Summer 2014 Edition

August is half over. I repeat - August is half over.

I really did have a lot of plans for this summer. Read books that have been languishing on my shelves, go swimming, start writing my book. Alas, I did read two books and went swimming twice. Go me. Did I start writing my book? No, but I feel the writing bug coming on and soon my house will be a vast, empty echoing hall of its former self when the kids leave the end of August. There soon will be no more excuses.

This is my compiled list of successes and failures (not really failures per se…) of the summer of 2014. Hey, we all have aspirations of at least TRYING to accomplish things, don’t we?

    1) Hunter’s grad party – success. We’ve nailed the graduation party thing to within an inch of its life and if anyone needs wisdom in this area, well I’m here for you, but not literally. I’m done throwing grad parties until the kids need help with THEIR kids. My break has arrived. We’ve figured out what you need to buy to stay within your means because really, Dollar Tree should be your friend. Who’s going to know that the sweet hanging lanterns in your trees cost $1 instead of $10? NO ONE. Don’t let the “dollar store” stigma get any foothold in your mind because they are lies.

    2) Maintaining my perennial garden – success. I weeded it on my hands and knees several times in the spring and now? Looking pretty even though it’s August. I call it the “English garden” feel which really means it’s a rambling mess. I don’t know how all those perfect gardens in Holmes County continually look weed-free. What am I doing wrong? Oh yes, I remember now, I dislike gardening. The flowers know. My pots look amazing though because I purchased the flowers from that pretty little greenhouse on Weaver Ridge. Good stock produces good flowers and even I – the avidly hateful gardener – can’t kill them. I did get some killer deals there and also hit The Petalers on their last day which meant 50% off. Score.

    3) Garage sale at my house – success/failure. Because I loved the Noah movie so much I believe that God decided to deluge my house during my garage sale in June. I’ve never seen it rain that hard for that long. Let’s just say big-screen TV’s and rushing water don’t mix. The sale was a success, though, for all the people that came out and shopped anyway. We sold a ton of stuff and still managed to make the sale look inviting even with all the rain. #JunkFlingForever

4)   Losing my sister-in-law in Mexico to cancer – failure. Malena was diagnosed back in December of last year, at the age of 47, and gave a good fight. She faltered in July, and with a way being made, we trekked down there for her funeral. It was good to be with my husband’s family during this time so that was a success even though the trip was heavy and hard. We miss you, Malena.

     5) Managing my new venture – success. I’ve transitioned from a desk job in an office to my home office. I am in love with working from home and especially the ability to write from my haven – the front porch. It takes discipline and good time management so I’m adjusting to those things. The freedom, though, and the power you feel that you are in control of your own self and destiny it can’t be compared and was the best choice I’ve made in a very long time.

If I can successfully get my kids off to college then that will be my last success of the summer. Even though they will be missed, I look forward to the calm stillness that will be my home come September. I claim even more success for myself and my husband in our home-based businesses because we CAN and SHOULD speak goodness over our endeavors.