Monday, April 21, 2014

Embracing the “word nerd” inside of me

Joy is an elusive thing that we try to grasp for daily. Realizing when we have it in our palm is the hardest thing. Aside from family, what brings you joy? Is it the click of numbers as you do accounting for people? Maybe you are a firefighter that puts out fires and saves people’s lives. They say that our hobbies are our passions – where does your heart lie? What do you do every day that you could turn into your profession?

In elementary school I had a teacher that I loved. She was hard yet fun in the classroom and I loved her. She was the first one to notice, really notice, the writing abilities I had. She asked me read a ten page story I had written in front of the entire class – and I was enthralled. I realized then that words had power. So much power to use for good, bad, or to take a reader to heights they hadn’t imagined.

I am an admitted “word nerd” and anyone in my family can vouch for that. If my kids use wrong vocabulary or ask me how to spell something they know they will get a look from me that contains daggers and the phrase “you aren’t my kid until you spell that correctly.” All pressure aside, they know I want them to speak well and convey themselves in a way that exudes confidence and know-how. Excellent grammar and spelling follow you all the way into adulthood, and even though they know I’m kidding they also know I mean it. All three have excellent grammar skills and it makes me proud.

When social media made its debut I jumped into the fray headfirst. When I first started blogging I never thought anyone would read it. What in the world would they care what I have to say? But like life, your passions unravel slowly and surely and the blog took off. Then came Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media that require crafting of words and ideas. I was in heaven being able to post quotes, articles, and anything else that came to my mind. When you do what you love, even just a little, other opportunities come along and soon I found myself writing my column for the Bargain Hunter. Now, along with that I find that more has presented itself and I’m going to jump – headfirst.

What are you doing with your passions? Are you simply treading water and living your life? Do you grab opportunities as they come or do you back off and stay safe in your cocoon? I’ve finally grabbed on – and I’m not letting go.