Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Social Media Bandwagon

We watch R-rated movies with nary a thought. 

       Violence, guns, people being murdered as we munch popcorn.

               Sex scenes don't faze us. They are part of the movie. 

        But let singers sing a song on an award show, wild and crazy, and suddenly we have become a people that can't watch.

        It's simply not "Christian"

    We applaud a Christian singer for walking out of the show, 

      because after all, that's what we do when we see something of the world.

        We leave. Right?

We jump on the "Christian" bandwagon

             Are we blind?

Or do we share trending social media articles so we look more righteous? 

            You can't have both. 
                    You are either one way or you're not.