Monday, April 2, 2012

Unexpected Day Off

It's strange to be sitting in my living room on a quiet Monday morning.  Normally I would be at my desk in the office with my head spinning from hundreds of calls.  A few stomach ailments have taken that out of the equation for today, so here I sit with computer in hand, a few good magazines at my side, and the world of daytime TV and Netflix at my disposal.  

For now, I'm enjoying the gray skies on this unexpected day off.  

Upset stomach aside, I think my body knew I needed a legitimate day off.  On my regular days off which are Thursday and Friday of each week, it's more about catching up.  Laundry, cleaning, running to the grocery store are usually what fill up my days.  There's nary a second to actually sit down and breathe.  

The house is extra quiet today because the kids are gone.  Not just gone to school, because it's actually spring break here.  They are gone to that sunny state of Florida on the band/choir Disney trip.  I told my husband this morning that the house is super quiet - not the quiet of them being at school and knowing they are only a couple of miles away.  It's that silence and solitude that comes when you know they won't be back that evening.  The responsibility is lifted off your shoulders for the days they are gone.

Some parents count down the days for their kids to come back.  I count these hours as blessings.  Each hour a gift of rejuvenation from the norm.  My kids are off gaining independence for their futures, and mom and dad are home feeling how an empty house feels.  I look forward to my kids finding their tomorrows - it's part of what our job as parents are.  If we only tell them how much we'll miss them and can't wait for them to come home, we miss a really important part of helping them grow up.  

The ties that bind child to parent are strong.  As they grow, that cords stretches a little each year until finally, the cord breaks.  We're still linked, but that breakage means they can survive on their own.  It's unhealthy to keep that cord attached too tightly.  They won't grow up and away or be able to survive on their own if we keep trying to feed  and nurture them past the point. 

I'm more than happy to wave goodbye to the kids and spend time with my husband re-orienting ourselves to each other.  Relationships can get lost in the day to day of working, running kids, schedules.  We see each other in passing, try to reconnect over coffee in the morning.  Most times, though, coffee is gulped and we're running to get ready for the day at the office or job site.  This helps no one, so when the opportunity is there to remind ourselves why we're in this marriage in the first place - I jump at it. http://www.holmesbargainhunter.com/article/20120402/BLOGS/704029985/0/hbh