Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Selena Part II

Life throws stuff at you.  Hard.

I'm sitting at a window on the 3rd floor of The Cleveland Clinic main campus waiting for my girl to get discharged.  We went in on Thursday of last week to see if we could get the infection on her incision site taken care of.  They went in surgically, and she went under.  We'd been unsure if she would have a total "surgical" procedure, but it sure was -- with all the bells and whistles.

Selena has worked so hard.  She's been dedicated in all her stretches, exercises, and rehab appointments.  This infection was a hard knock on the head that, thankfully, was nothing more than superficial.

Her ACL/Knee area was not infected.  In fact, when Dr. Saluan went in surgically on Thursday to clean it out, he went in with a camera to look at that area.  It looked strong.  In fact, so strong that they were suprised and very pleased at the progress it had made.  I told them Selena was stubborn and wouldn't be held down.

For now, after two days stuck here in the hospital, with a cold generic cocktail of antibiotics dripping into her arm, we get to go home.  Interestingly enough, the cultures they are trying to grow from her wound refuse to grow.  They were strong enough to make her suture site infected to the point of grossness.  But now that they want to see what kind of bacteria it was, it's being uncooperative.  

I think it's Selena's body just being stubborn as usual.  

I guess I don't really care what kind of germ it was.  I'm just glad that it's gone.  We should be leaving here in an hour or two.  She already has plans to go to the soccer game tonight.  It's senior night for her girls team, and she said she has to go.  She has no restrictions, has no limitations, and wasn't really sick.  The bacteria in her body couldn't even produce a fever.  

That's one tough chick.  That's my Selena.