Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer 2011

I will not label myself a bad blogger - even though all I've done is throw a few pictures on lately. 

It's summer. 

That means humid weather, barbecuing, taking random short road trips, and all around reconnecting with my family.  We've been watching alot of soccer, and the kids summer soccer schedules are also in full swing.

It's also the first summer I've worked and my kids were at home.  :/   It's hard, but they aren't small anymore so they are pretty self-sufficient.  They make it easy because I'm not a clingy mom and they aren't clingy kids.  We raised 'em good.

Our trip to Mexico was fabulous.  Having Belle fly in from West Palm Beach and meet in the Mexico City airport was like something out of a movie.  We didn't realize there was a new second terminal there, so of course she landed at the unknown-to-us 2nd terminal.  After a short train ride, we were reunited.  We flung our arms around each other and yes - it was just like out of a movie.

The family was awesome.  As always, there's slight conflict in any latin family.  Heck, there's conflict in every family.  George is not one to let things simmer so there was good convo, heated convo, and casual convo.  There were long breakfasts with great food that lasted for hours.

The kids took to the streets to play futbol and hang with friends they hadn't seen for five years.  Everyone had grown up and gotten so big.  It did my heart good to see them out there having fun.

We took a surprise trip to Acapulco thanks to one of my sister-in-law's sister-in-laws .... if that makes sense!  They had chartered a bus to Acapulco and had several seats left.  Before we knew it we where traveling by darkness and awoke to the lush landscape that is Acapulco.  It was so random and spontaneous that thinking back I can hardly believe we were there for four days.  

The hillsides dotted with houses that seemed to extend into the bays like long fingers.  It reminded me of Greece or at least the pictures you see of the Grecian hillsides.  We stayed in the La Caleta area, which as we found out later, was where most Mexican people stay when they visit Acapulco.  It was the homeland resort - and it was beautiful.  

We are not ones just to hang out in one place, so we took to the streets and grabbed buses to all the beaches we wanted to go to.  Those buses were memorable.  They were pulsing with loud music, each bus a different variety.  They would fly around the curves etched into the roads that led to where we wanted to go.  You had to hold on for dear life.  We would laugh so hard as we flew around each curve.  We have pictures, which I will post later, that showed these buses.  

We fried in the sun, while waiters in white pants brought us giant shrimp and cold cerveza con limon. All this while sitting in our colorful wooden chairs under a grass hut. I want to go back.

Acapulco was an unexpected pleasure.  The cliff-diving, remote beaches, and food I will never forget. My kids faces as we watched the divers plunge into the water.  I would never take back being spontaneous - ever.

We visited the pyramids, and also celebrated Selena's 16th birthday for which she had her first real mananitas sung to her.  She didn't want us to sing happy birthday in English.  She said it would have ruined the moment. :)

Now we're home and sinking back into reality.  July is half over already.  The kids have traveled to the Mennonite  Youth Convention in Pittsburgh.  George and I were alone for a week and what bliss it was.  It's a good portent of how we will fare when all our kids graduate.  We spent time watching movies, eating, and taking off on more random short day trips. 

It's summer.  I only have three more summers with my kids home.  Or at least in school and home.  Once they're off to college they aren't really yours anymore. 

Here is a short list of words I'm going to use to define the summer of 2011:

-- savor
-- relax
-- patience
-- reap
-- be present

How is YOUR summer going?