Monday, December 29, 2008

my pics won't agree with me....

I tried three times to upload pictures from Christmas...and my computer is not being cooperative! Anyway....we had a super time with our first Christmas at Shelly's! It's the first time in my life...aside from Mexico...that we hadn't spent it at mom's house in Berlin. We had a blast, though, and even started a new tradition (we think!) .... a dance party in the basement! It's funny how you get stuck in a routine and never get out of it, but I think we started a few new things at Shelly's.

I'm looking forward to 2009......time to start fresh, and try some new things. Here's to it.....


Tina said...

That's funny, we were at my sister's house this year and played the Wii Boogie Star and danced in her basement. Burned off some of those empty calories and had a ball. I like both new and old traditions. Happy New Year!