Saturday, June 16, 2007

My front porch

I love my front porch. If I could, I would go out there every morning, with my big red mug of coffee and stare out across the fields. The pink morning comes in velvety and lush and my mind just relaxes. The grass is still wet with dew as I reflect on whatever life has brought me that week. There's nothing like it. I love Mexico and all it's sights and sounds...and I feel someday we'll live there. I love every vacation we've been on to beaches and attractions--they've all had beautiful vistas. Nothing can compare, though, for me, than my front porch. My bare feet tucked under our old wicker chairs, cushions that seriously need to be replaced padding my behind. Our cat curled up on the chair beside me and a good book ready to be savored. I see my pink flowers spilling over the sides of two big metal tubs, lush already for June. This is my favorite time of summer. Nothing is overgrown and weedy, all is verdant and glistening with the drapery of summer. This is the time of day that my kids are all still sleeping. All is quiet, and all I see is my view. And for this day, that's all I need.

I'll post the view from my front porch later today. :)